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     The Maned Sloth (Bradypus Torquatus) is a sloth from the Atlantic side of the Brazilian rain forest. They are often associated with laziness and inactivity. They get this association from their very carefree take on life. The sloth can be found hanging out in trees in rain forests like this one to the left is demonstrating. This picture is a picture of a Maned Sloth in its natural habitat. The sloth has very strong legs and three long curved toes that allow it to hang suspended from trees in all sorts of positions, even while sleeping. It has to stay in the trees in order to protect itself from predators. It has a rounded head with a flat face and ears that are hidden deep in its coarse fur. It only has five upper teeth and four lower teeth that are always growing. Its shaggy fur is often tinted green or blue because of algae that grows on it. The reason it gets its name is because it has a long black mane that extends from its neck down to the middle of the back and shoulders.

     The Maned Sloth belongs to a family of four other sloths. All of these sloths can be found in rain forest environments.All the sloths face the threat of loss of their habitat, but the Maned Sloth is the only endangered one. It has grown extinct in most of its previously covered area due to deforestation of the Brazilian rain forest. Man

is its biggest enemy. Conservation projects are underway though. Many reserves have been established in areas of noted sloth populations. Some orginizations are attempting to relocate sloths to other regions where the area is not at as big a risk of suffering from deforestation.

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